OEM turnkey smartwatch solutions

The letsfit brand collection includes a variety of ready-made designs in different styles, from luxury, leisure and sports.

Related apps are also under the letsfit brand (names vary by modelsourcing service and can be found on the Apple Store and Google Play.

The letsfit connected watch series is a cost-effective and highest quality turnkey solution, especially suitable for independent brands or newcomers in the connected watch industry who want to enter the market immediately

Understand your needs

Early communication of your needs, understand your business model and market positioning, discuss the main product promotion, and marketing methods

Design and production

Our watch work is done using Solidworks and Rhino. Solidworks is the industry standard for 3D printed mechanical watch industrial design and 3D engineering work.

Quality inspection

As an excellent watch manufacturer, we conduct rigorous inspections at all stages of the manufacturing process to ensure the integrity of all materials used and the final product with consistently high quality and best functionality.

Trusted By Industry Leaders.

We have marketing experts who can create marketing materials (pictures, 3D, display stands, sales insights…sourcing service for your brand. We benefit from the success of our customers, so we are keen to provide effective marketing assets to support your product promotion.

The combination of these additional services can provide a complete, cost-effective and integrated solution for your brand.

Manufacturer Resource Library

We link to professional manufacturers of smart watches, and mainly provide first-hand sources for B2C, B2B sellers and wholesalers. We can provide different types of smart watches to meet their different budgets, in order to obtain the latest smart watches to detect their health data.

Total quality management

We implement a total quality management (TQMsourcing service approach-a strategy where all members of the organization participate in improving products, services, and organizational processes. TQM has been successfully used in manufacturing, education, government and service industries, as well as NASA’s space and science projects. TQM provides an umbrella under which everyone’s efforts in the organization are aimed at achieving success through customer satisfaction.

TQM is composed of three paradigms:

Total: The entire organization is involved
Quality: at all levels and all processes
Management: In all steps, such as planning, organizing, controlling, leading, supplying…
TQM usually starts by sampling a random selection of products to ensure completeness. Then, further test the sample to find the most important issues for the end user.

During this process, the cause of any failures will be isolated and auxiliary measures will be designed to correct them. In fact, after implementing TQM, it is very common to redesign parts to provide users with better end products and reduce manufacturing costs.

Become a distributor

For those who love watches and are looking for high-quality innovative brands for distribution.
We recommend Letsfit Watches, a turnkey brand for distributors and retailers.

Letsfit brand

In 2020, more than tens of millions of customers choose us, they are consistent with our philosophy.At the same time, we are in the top ten on the Amazon category list

Why Choose letsfit

customer service
The price is based on the complexity of the model and the specifications required for the output of the 3D watch design.
For faster quotation, the image of the watch or the existing 3D model design of the watch may be sent by e-mail, with encryption and high security measures to ensure the confidentiality of the information. We will review it and send a confirmation letter within 48 hours.

Quick quote
For customers who are not sure about their exact needs, you can use our quick quotation service to provide standard prices.

3D Pack Service is the best way for new watch companies to get quick quotes. Although prices may vary, it still ensures that quality services are provided at reasonable prices.

Product Photography Service for Watch Brands

The product photography we provide for e-commerce sites and markets requires major services such as Amazon, Rakuten, and e-commerce sites. Your product will be shot in front, angle, back and side view. You can also take additional photos of your product in the packaging.

Watch Product Customization Software for E-commerce Websites

As a watch manufacturer with many years of focus, we have witnessed the inevitable transformation of the fashion and luxury goods industry from physical retail to an e-commerce model that expects products to be personalized and produced quickly. In today’s market, speed, flexibility and innovation are critical to retaining existing customers and winning new ones.

Market Expansion Services

If you plan to sell your watch in North America and Europe, but have some questions because you don’t have a serious partner to manage your logistics and after-sales needs, then we are here to serve you.

As a well-known watch manufacturer for many years, we provide you with fast and reliable logistics and after-sales support to meet your market expansion needs in China and Hong Kong, the two most complex markets in the world.