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The Group’s two main brands, Letsfit and Letscom, have accumulated more than 10 million global users, ranking first in the Amazon platform’s three major categories (smart wear, sports headphones, sports and health accessoriessourcing service.
We have potential: in the country’s vigorous implementation of the macro strategy of “brand output, cultural output, and value output”, Humboldt is in the rising industry of cross-border e-commerce, and has grown rapidly with an average annual growth rate of over 200% for four consecutive years , Has become the main force in the cross-border e-commerce industry, and will surely become the world’s leading brand in the field of sports and health.

Letsfit smart watch

Letsfit ID205L tracks the following indicators: steps, distance, calories burned, exercise-specific “exercise mileage”, sleep and heart rate. The built-in heart rate monitor is set to continuously monitor for 24 hours (can be turned off to save battery lifesourcing service. There is no built-in GPS, but if two devices are connected together, the watch can use the phone’s GPS. ID205L has several preset exercise modes (running, walking, biking, hiking, climbing, treadmill, spinning, and yogasourcing service, and the GPS connection is only effective when you are actively using one of the first four modes. This feature cannot be turned on or off, but this is a fairly standard setting to preserve battery life

Blowout growth of demand for intelligent wearable equipment

According to research data released by IDC market research company, from 2013 to 2020, global wearable device shipments have shown an upward trend year by year, with a rapid initial growth rate, and an explosive growth trend in the past two years. In 2019, global wearable device shipments were approximately 337 million units, a year-on-year increase of 81.2%; even if affected by the epidemic, wearable device shipments will still increase by 32% to 444.7 million in 2020.
IDC’s latest report shows that the total shipments of wearable devices in Q1 2021 will reach 104.6 million, exceeding 100 million units for the first time, with true wireless earphones and smart watches being the first to bear the brunt

Our Smartwatch Manufacturing Solutions

Smartwatch Development

We have departments dedicated to the development of intelligent technology. Our team’s capabilities cover both hardware and software development, enabling our company to provide end-to-end smart watch solutions.

App OEM solutions for wearable devices

The watch app supports multiple functions such as activity and sleep tracking, and phone notification via SMS and social media.Multilingual version, customized with your brand logo and color scheme

Quality Control

With decades of experience in watch manufacturing, he is an early adopter of smart watches, and uses his professional knowledge to apply the strict quality control process from conventional simulation test to advanced electronic test.

About Us

Established Humboldt Technology in 2014 and started a brand new trade journey.
At the beginning of the transition to cross-border e-commerce in 2015, old-fashioned market rules and operations became two major problems for Humboldt Technology. But soon the team innovated new thinking, relying on the help of Amazon’s back office to successfully transform.

From 2016 to 2017, Humboldt Technology identified the healthy life field as its main category. Soon it achieved good sales results in the US, Japan and EU markets. And successively established the brands, letscom and letsfit, and also established a North American branch, through the localization of the team, a deeper understanding of local consumers, and provide better and faster services.

In 2018, Humboldt Technology, which upholds consumer-centric product development and innovation concepts, became the best seller in Amazon bracelets and sports headphones, with more than 10 million users worldwide.

In 2019, the incorporation of the anbes brand added Humboldt Technology to the icing on the cake. The product development team has grown stronger and newer categories have been continuously extended, and many sports and health products have independent intellectual property rights. Humboldt Technology has achieved a different self on the international stage through Amazon.

Sports and health overseas brand Letsfit recently officially announced that it has completed tens of millions of US dollars in Series B financing at the end of last year. The lead investor in this round of financing is Orchid Asia Investment Group, and the old shareholder Zizi Wealth continues to invest in this round. At present, Humboldt Technology has started the next round of financing and IPO process.

For the purpose of this round of financing, Lin Wuqiang, founder and CEO of Humboldt Technology, said that it will be used in four areas: product development, brand marketing, IT information construction, and operating capital replenishment.

Support all kinds of smart wearables, sports headphones, fitness accessories, and personal wellness products wholesale & customization, welcome to send inquiries

Letsfit Loop Resistance Band

These very light straps can not only shape the muscles of the legs and arms through resistance, but can also be used for stretching. Even if you go out, the straps will not bring extra burden to the backpack. When people are chasing dramas online, they can take these tapes and exercise while chasing dramas.

Letsfit has a dedicated in-house Smartwatch division dedicated to customer service and R & D – a process that provides end-users with advanced solutions and ongoing smart device innovation and reliability.

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Support all kinds of smart wearables, sports headphones, fitness accessories, and personal wellness products wholesale & customization, welcome to send inquiries
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